About our Shop

Why We're Different

We believe that each customer is unique, not just someone buying a product. Each person has special reasons for the colors, personalization, and design of gifts for themselves or a loved one, that they want their way. We are a custom 3D Printing shop, which means we can make almost anything! Browse our collections, and let your imagination run wild, then tell us!

Our art studio is very unique, I handle the artwork, painting, sanding, staining, finishes custom 3d Prints. Beth handles all the digital design work and ships all the orders out! I am also in charge of bringing her coffee.

We do all our design, 3D Printing, and hand painting, and wood staining in-house, by us. Then we ship your order, packed carefully because service doesn't end there, we want you to be thrilled with your order, and if there is a problem, we will fix it!

We started small with one 3D Printer. ONE! Now we have 10 running around the clock making your orders. I am not allowed to get any more printers which makes me very sad.

We can handle big orders for your brand, down to the smallest keychain.

Beth and I live in Florida with our two pugs, Rambo and Cosmo, and two cats, Crowley and Sammy, who think they are helping! You might just catch them in one of our shop photos:)


At the Artful Things Shop, we can personalize any item in your catalog! Send us a quick note and tell us what you want, and how you want it, and when you want it!

We 3D print everything!

We can add your name, business logo, college fraternity symbol, or just about anything you can think of or need. Choose what color(s) you want and how big to 3D Print it for you!

3D Design Software

Most orders are completed and shipped with one week. Special custom orders can be even sooner. We want happy customers!

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