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Baby Grogu door stop with custom padded rubber base

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Size & Finish

We have been 3D printing a lot of these for customers!
Our Baby Grogu doorstop is the ONLY one that has a rubber foot that is designed to protect your floors.

Oh Baby Grogu, how we miss you! If you are a Mandolorian fan then you will know exactly what this doorstop is! We take great pride in 3D printing this doorstop to be strong yet decorative! The cat is not for sale, only a size reference(People have asked!) one size is currently available, normal. We also add a rubber bottom to each Baby Grogu doorstop as seen in the pictures to protect your floor and doorstop and to help secure the doorstop if you indeed use it as a doorstop! A new finished wood option is also available.

The Baby Grogu Doorstop is 3D printed in any color PLA listed, but other colors are available. bronze/gold is shown in the pictures. The door stop has The Child across the top.

NEW: For our Doorstop fanatics, we have bundles both our Hodor & Baby Grogu Doorstops!

Normal Baby Grogu doorstop is 4-5 inches long and 2+ inches tall.

Standard comes in silver or bronze as pictured, but we have many colors available, simply choose your favorite from the drop-down menu.



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